Is a prominent figure in the musical and cultural scene of Bahia, Brazil, with a notable career dedicated to percussive music and the preservation of Afro-Brazilian traditions.

Born and raised in Bahia, he demonstrated an early interest in percussion and the rich Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage that permeates the state. His passion propelled him to become an exceptional percussionist and a scholar of Afro-Brazilian religious traditions. Gabi is also a son of a saint from Terreiro Ilê Iyá Omi Axé Iyamassê (Gantois), which further deepened his understanding of the connections between music, spirituality and culture.

With remarkable skill in the art of atabaques, Gabi became a reference in percussive music in the state, giving workshops throughout the country. His career was marked by the mission to share this knowledge and preserve Afro-Brazilian cultural traditions. In 2005 he created the group PRADARRUM, based on the desire to preserve, disseminate and value the musicality of Candomblé terreiros, where inspired by ancestral rhythms such as Ilú, Ijexá, Alujá, Kabila and others, it merges rhythms and melodies from the Ketu, Gêge and Angola, with other world music rhythms, such as salsa, samba, funk and jazz.

In 2021, he founded WebTV "Minuto Percussivo", an education and entertainment platform that aims to disseminate information about atabaque playing, its relationship with religious and cultural traditions, and its meanings. The first season of WebTV was a success, reaching more than 30 thousand views and demonstrating the appeal and relevance of Gabi Guedes' work. His commitment earned him formal recognition from the leader of the Gantois terreiro, validating his vital and respectful role in transmitting this knowledge. Gabi Guedes' trajectory is a story of dedication to percussive music, Afro-Brazilian culture and education, with a significant impact on the preservation and dissemination of Bahia's rich cultural heritage.



Wednesday January 31th


Estudio Giba Conceição (R. Victor Meireles, 31 - Garcia)


4 p.m. - 7 p.m.


30 (EURO)

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